Protein and stomach aromatic syrup   In the mouth, the elders will tell you. The stomach is smoother. That's why the ulcer is in the mouth. This is what we now say is ulcer

Daily one tips Tamil
Daily one tips Tamil
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In the mouth, the elders will tell you. The stomach is smoother. That's why the ulcer is in the mouth. This is what we now say is ulcer. This is the real reason. If you are smoked in the stomach, it's likely to be a manifestation. OK.

Now there is an ulcer in the stomach. An old man came out of the mouth. Here we can see how the Mackencke do not go to the doctor in our home as a way to feed our ancestors through the food prescription.

Surveys suggest that nearly two million people in India alone suffer from ulcer. The reason for this is to say the most important thing is our changing diet and lifestyle. Acids are in the stomach of our stomach. At that time, there is no food in the gut and the acids begin to erode the intestinal wall. That's it.

Home remedies
Generally, Alzar is diagnosed with stomach cancer by 5 percent. If you have to cure the stomach completely, you have to do it on the basis of changing your eating habits and observing small home remedies. The ulcer will disappear. Let's see what it is.

If the ulcer comes, the first symptom will occur in the chest. From the top of the chest can cause irritation.
Anxiety occurs.
Often the fermentation of the lemon.
Often the stomach is painful. Pain occurs after eating especially. Sleeping on the stomach will make you feel less eaters.
Vomiting and nausea occur.
Chances are coming. All these are the signs that you can find the ulcer. What can you do to fix these things?
An aphid soup
One of the finest drugs that treat the ulcer is the intestine soup. We do not want to be great because of the bitterness in it. When you give this soup to kids, soup with boiled almonds or turmeric. Adults can add some bit of bitterness if you add pepper and pepper. Drink a glass of salt everyday. The place where the ulcer is absent is unknown. Pumpkin can be used to treat the same way as juice. But do not add sugar to juice. Add salt, pepper and pepper.

Heat the body
The most important reason for mouth and stomach sore is the excessive body heat. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid more heat-making foods such as chicken and alcohol.

Bathing bath
On Wednesday and Saturday, you should take a cold bath or a good clean gelatin. Only the soup should be eaten only on the day of bathing. Sleeping on that day also comes to sleep. But do not sleep in the day.

The marital stomach is soon enough to heal. It's good to add it to the diet. This nutritional tomato grind the teeth and drinks half a glass on an empty stomach in the morning. Alsar will fly.

Tripura Surana
Drink a drink or a pill in a vanilla before going to sleep every night with these daily habits. If you do that, you will get stomach ulcer. At the same time, drink a buttermilk and juice for a day