If someone is bathing in the rain water, maybe a cold, if the fever comes, he is not healthy (healthy) - TRADITINAL MEDICINE

Sunday, November 25, 2018

If someone is bathing in the rain water, maybe a cold, if the fever comes, he is not healthy (healthy)

If a person who bathes in the rain water probably gets cold and feels ill, he is not healthy (and healthy), so they make the body well.

There is more biofuels in clean water.

When it comes to rain water, many people are getting cold ... sneezing, fever comes.

Why is this coming?

That is because we have so much life in the rainwater
All the cells in the body are those
Life begins to swell.

For many years, many years in the body
Do not sink the coconut waste
Through the nose and the nose
Out of the way.

A man is healthy (healthy)
How to live or not
If he finds it, it means that if he gets wet in the rain, he does not like the cold and the fever is not good.

So, if you get wet in the rain, you do not have to worry about it. Be happy.

Our body does good. It is a medicine.

So anybody can cure the body by dying in the rain.

By drinking rainwater, we can increase the vital (pranks) in our body.

When it comes to rain, do not drink the water for a five minute first. Because dust and garbage in the air are the waste products
Mk in the sky

In the first 5 minutes the rainwater will take the dust and garbage to the ground ...

So let's not drink the rainwater in the first 5 minutes, the rain water that is after 5 minutes directly, either by water or by using a single vessel.

Maybe if the roof of our house is clean, you can catch rainwater from the roof.

This water is the most pure water in the world. In this life (breathe) will be higher.

If you put this water in a bottle or in a bottle without a sunlight and put it in a place at home, the water will not be spoiled for six years.

But if the sun is illuminated in the water, it will worm in 24 hours, and the water will spoil it.

Therefore, when the sun is not protected by sunlight and we drink it, we have all the necessary bodily requisites for our body, and all the illnesses in our body are well cured and our health becomes well.

Therefore, we will use the biological nature of rain water.

Do not bother to say that we are blaming children in the rain

The raining of the rain is very pleasant and pleasant to the heart of Peru. Even better.

So when it comes to rain, it may get worse. Good. It's good to drink rainwater.

Rainwater is a wonderful medicine.

So let's add rainwater in our lives now.

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