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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Diana in the fridge Drink everyday Dr Kavidarani Pollachi Atmaa director

Dia Drink everyday Dr Kavidarani, Pollachi Atmaa director Dinner is one of the most commonly found in the kitchen of each house. This dill helps not only enhance the flavor of the food but also helps to improve body health. Many know that the fenugreek breathes the body heat. But beyond that, there are a lot of benefits in the fridge. Read the continuation below the bottom.

Besides adding the fennel into cooking, it can also be made with tea. Would you like to know how to prepare a fried tea? If so, continue reading. Below you will find out what benefits are available for drinking the fennel tea. Read it and get it in your daily diet.

How to prepare fried tea?
Pour the water into a bowl and add some filling in it and boil for 3 minutes.
Then filter it and mix it with honey, drink it hot or cold.
Now let's see the benefits of drinking tea with tea.

good 1:In menstrual period women will experience stomach pain and capture. If you drink the dinner at this time, get immediate relief from the pain.

good 2:It is good to drink a fermented tea for girls at the age of puberty. The growth of the breasts will be healthy. Because this tea stimulates water stimulation and promotes growth hormones.

Ounces 3:If one drank the dinner every day, it can prevent a lot of diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

good 4:Is there a cholesterol problem? Eat the fenugreek tea every day to avoid it. This reduces high cholesterol problem and reduces blood sugar levels

Good5:Fennel tea acts as the best laxative. Therefore, those who want to avoid constipation problem, drink a glass of fenugreek seeds everyday.

Good6:Fatty tea helps dissolve the fat that is stored on the body and is often helpful in preventing hunger and decreasing body weight.

Good7:Want to keep the bowel and kidneys clean? Then drink a glass of tea everyday. This can easily evaporate the waste from the body.

good 8:The number of people suffering from heart disease in the world is high. To prevent this heart disease, drink a cup of tea everyday.

Good9:Effect of vitamin B1 deficiency can help reduce cholesterol deficiency. So bring the feminine tea regularly in your everyday diets.

Good10:If pregnant women who get pregnant with pregnant women drink tea, it can stimulate labor pain and can easily help.

Good11:Men and women daily drink tea and drink their sex life. Because this tea can stimulate the body's sex and help to get better in the relationship.

Good 12:Fennel tea is rich in vitamins and minerals. If breastfeeding women continue drinking, breast milk increases and increases nutritional content.

good 13:Fennel tea has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. So people with joint pain, knee pain, and drinking a dried tea can prevent this problem entirely.

Good14:Fennel is the best cold solvent. So if you have a sinus and sore throat, drink a glass of fenugreek seeds everyday. So get immediate relief.

good 15:Fennel acts as a pulmonizer. Often the urine is excreted and the blood flow out of the blood. If you drink a fenugreek, you can drink urine frequently.

good 16:When a fever is hit, drink a glass of dried tea without putting the pills. The fever will soon decrease.

good 17:Foliar tea will go to dandruff. After shampooing the head, shake the hair with this fried tea and then use the conditioner. Dandruff will do so.

Good18:Females are healing the tea throat. You have to drink the fried tea.

Good19 :Is oral ulcer or mouth ulcer? If it is, then blow the mouth every day. Do this everyday until you go to the mouth.

Good 20:The fenugreek mouth will relieve you from a stinging problem. If you drink the fenugreek in the bath and drink it, the body will get rid of the problem